Digital Verse
Next generation platform for synthetic videos
Digital Verse offers you an end-to-end solution for synthetic video generation enabling brands to reach their target:
  • Internationalization of video
  • Personalization of content
  • Video creation with a specific actor
Our marketplace provides you with a wide selection of faces that you can use for video customization. You can also request a replacement for a specific face and bring your own actor. All you need is to choose a face, our face swap and lips sync technologies will do the rest.
How to make a video?
Choose a face
Purchase a ready-to-use digital avatar from our marketplace or bring your actor for face digitalization.
Easily generate a video
Upload the original video to the platform for AI generation. Small videos will be produced within 10-15 minutes.
Purchase an NFT and get your video
Your ownership of the generated video will be secured by an NFT token and recorded in the most secure database - blockchain.
Find Your Face
Easily purchase a face for your video from our marketplace. Your ownership will be secured by an NFT token and recorded in the most secure database - blockchain.
How long does it take to generate a video and how much does it cost?
The time and cost of generation depend on many factors, including the required quality and size of the video. Also, if you want to use your actor's face and you need additional face digitalization, it takes extra time. But on average, small videos can be produced within 10-15 minutes.
What is the price of a digital face from Digital Verse marketplace?
The price of each Digital Avatar is negotiable. Digital Verse platform allows video creators to send an offer to a user and negotiate the price.
Is it legal?
Digital avatars are created and sold only with the consent of users, which makes the process safe and legal. After purchasing the digital face, a video creator receives an NFT representing his ownership.