Digital Verse
Create your digital self
Digital Verse connects actors, bloggers, celebrities with brands and helps to organize productive video creation process. Get an opportunity to earn passive income from appearing in professional and commercial videos without visiting film studios. And generate high-quality face-swap and lip-sync videos for free.
If you want to:
  • Internationalization of video
  • Personalization of content
  • Video creation with a specific actor
How to make a video?
Create your Digital Avatar
Sign up to the Digital Verse platform and digitize your face by uploading a video of yourself.
Put yourself on the Marketplace
Gain visibility among video creators looking for a face of their brands.
Get commission from the deal
Digitize your face ones and keep making passive income every time it’s chosen for video creation
Is creating a digital avatar free of charge?
Yes, right now we allow our users to digitize face and place it on our marketplace for free as a thank you for joining the Digital Verse community among first. Moreover, we provide first registered users with the opportunity to create face-swapping videos for free.
Is it difficult to create a Digital Avatar?
Creating a digital avatar is pretty simple, it takes less than 10 minutes of video recording to get started. We will help you and guide you every step of the way.
Can I use existing videos or images to create a Digital Avatar?
For better quality it is recommended to make a specific video recording using our script. The process will take about 5-10 minutes.
Can someone use my face without me knowing?
No, you choose the projects you want to participate in, video can’t be generated without your consent.
Isn’t this technology dangerous? Can I make a Digital Avatar of everyone?
No, you can't create an avatar of another person.
Will the Digital Avatar have my voice?
Not at the moment, but we are working on synthetic voice algorithms.